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Let's / c r a s h / the PARTY.

let's burn .holes. in the carpet

Duo Maxwell
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NAME: Duo Maxwell | PLAYER: startits | AIM: WhitexScar | SERIES: Mobile Suit Gundam WING | VERSION: n/a | GAME: not currently in play
Race: HUMAN \o/
AGE: 16

Easy-going, fun-loving, gregarious, hard-working. The four best ways to describe Duo Maxwell. He's had a hard life, but in no way does he let that bring him down. Instead, he uses it as motivation for how he lives in the present. He lives for the "now", only worrying about the future when it decides to come. He'd go out of his way to help a friend out if they needed it, and would't think twice to put himself in danger to protect anyone he cares about, no matter how small the acquaintance. The only thing he cares more about than people living freely is that everyone is smiling. Because without smiles, everyone is dead inside. (Or at least, that's what he thinks)

However, he is in no way an idiot or a saint. He knows when it's time for things to get serious, and he has no problem getting his hands dirty for business. He doesn't let his loved ones get involved in his "work", as a way to protect them from his being a killer. He can, in fact, be quite dangerous in a fight when life is on the line.